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Befour Wrestling Advantage Timer SS-2100

Befour Wrestling Advantage Timer SS-2100

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Edge SS-2100
Advantage Timer

The SS-2100 is the perfect companion wrestling timer to our SS-2000 scoring system. This timer displays Current Advantage time (commonly referred to as Riding Time), Net Advantage time, and can track Blood or Injury time.

Users will love the easy-to-use controls that feature ultra-bright 4” LED digits. The console layout exactly mimics the full-size display.

Amber digits display time for net advantage or cumulative blood or cumulative injury
Bullet-style indicators show wrestler with current advantage
Green/Red “Ad” indicates wrestler with net advantage
Green/Red “In” indicates injury time-out with total injury time
Green/Red “bl” indicates injury time-out with total blood time
Programmable maximum injury and blood times
Ability to set/change values during match
Master reset gets timer ready for the next match quickly
Note - The SS-2100 does not do scoring
Display Size 33" x 8" x 2"
Display Weight 16 lbs
Digit Type 4" Bar-style LEDs
Power Source 120V AC
Power Cord 6 ft
Display Cable 10 ft
Controller Size 7" x 6" x 5"
Visibility 350 ft (indoors)
Timer Modes Count down, up
Construction All-metal encasement
Warranty 2 years
Riding(ADV) Timer Yes
Blood/Injury Timer Yes