NOTICE: Richardson has decided to use air freight to bring in merchandise to cover backorders and new orders moving forward. As a result, there will be a temporary price increase to cover the additional cost of air freight. This will not affect orders that already have backorders in place. Both Richardson and Pacific Headwear will continue to have some inventory shortages across their product lineups, due to COVID related issues. Especially hard hit are the trucker mesh series of hats (112's and 104C's). Please email us for status update on your styles and colors prior to ordering. Thanks, Sport About Equipment
Matman Earguard Centaur Youth #40

Matman Earguard Centaur Youth #40

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  • Translucent inner piece with matching head straps
  • Cooler than traditional earguards
  • Extremely Lightweight and Comfortable
  • Recessive vent design offers improved audibility and prevents grating on opponents

**This item ships from Matman's Washington warehouse.  Matman has implemented a $5.00 handling charge on all orders less than $150.00.**